Fipa Italiana Yachts Srl was founded in 1981 by Francesco Guidetti, the Company realize from the beginning importants works of high tecnology in the marine pleasure boats and not sector. The Company was born with the fiber glass production for other shipyards, still important sector for the company, started also soon with the construction of Maiora motoryacht from 14 to 20 metres.

Obtaining, at the end of the eighty years, some areas in the Viareggio Port, the Fipa extends the range of its products building motoryachts of 34 metres. In a few time, the acquisition of new portual areas will made Fipa Italiana Yachts one of the biggest shipyard in the Viareggio areas, with an annual production estimated between 15 and 20 boats, offering maintenance and laying up services for motoryachts from 10 to 40 metres.